Monday, July 2, 2007

Is it in my mind - I feel eyes on me!!! (RANT)

The message in church yesterday must have been for me. I woke up late so praise God went to a church near my house and after so long finally heard a message for MOI!! miss that alot. Anyway it was very clear and simple "be anxious for nothing" be careful for nothing but with prayer and thanks giving make your request known to God. Am glad i went, glad i heard the word because the past month i found myself being my own real cheer leader and encouragement.
Recently almost everyone around me or that cares has been over anxious for me, i actually noticed it had gotten out of hand this weekend, my sister in law that tried to call me earlier in the week, so i decided to wake up early do my dailes and then stop off at hers on my way out. When i got to her door it was like an attack.
Sister in law - Why are you still wearing tight clothes?
Me in shock - sorry???
SIL - its not good for the baby, thats why i have been calling your fone. I just thought that if no
one had advised you i should do so as well as send my help down to help with house work etc..... (is this woman an amibo? really intrested? concerned? or what?)
Me - What berra mind ur biz or else i'll.......... no i wish i said that shaaa, i go i dont understand with my innocent face, something i do when i want to get out of a corner. I mean even if i am preggers i hate people in my bussiness.
SIL - Ok sorry not that your fat, you just look different, i advise you go for a test and scan.
I just told her i wasnt pregnant yet period, i mean if i was i wont be wearing my tight codroys and a belt on my tummy now. And what did she mean by no one has advised me? I've got 7 sisters please.
Anyway thats just the latest of the episodes people call to ask how junior is kicking in the tummy etc. Then when you try to talk about it with friends etc they just go on and on about how you should take your mind off it, it will come and such irritating remarks. I mean i have been on my own doing my thing, dieting exercising living my life generally then they keep asking any goodnews? when are we expecting baby? etc and if i feel up to it i try to update them (nosy pokers) before they carry on with their speeches that seem planned. Its almost as if they dont even want you to be sef (thse are people can never mind their business).
Another annoying one was my neighbour (some young gal that believes that marriage is an achievement if you leave her she will enter guiness book of records because in her words "you dont know that it's not easy, as soon as i finished uni, i got married o. It is my accomplishment" like its a competition and yes shes actually due any minute from now) comes to my house one saturday morning to "advice me", her aunty!!! DOES WE RAP????? i just listen to her with a mind to walk her out, but i listen she asks if am pg yet and would like me to know she'll be there if i need to ask any questions i tell her i will let her know, b4 she leaves she gives me 2 books and tells me that its for married people and people trying to concieve, that it really helps. That she read it well cos she didnt want people looking at her and that she admires m.e and wouldnt want anyone looking at me. IMAGINE, JUST IMAGINE...i had the mind to ask her not to come to my house again all these jobless tatafo neighbours gosh!
Ok enuff ranting, my blog isnt for ranting i have saved that for something else... But please i need someone that knows all these people to advise them to leave me alone o. I just got married some months ago. DID THEY SEE ME IN THEIR DREAMS.
Should i send out text messages simply saying "beloved be anxious for nothing" will they get the message?


Sisbee said...

Bas you need a chill pill (or 2), so I go die? This is not supposed to be an issue, I assure you. Question asker- bla, bla, bla?
You- Sorry?
Quesetion asker- I said bla, bla bla
You- Sorry?
Question asker- Bla, bla, bla now!
You- Sorry?
Qustion asker- Sorry oh!

Nyemoni said...

Hey! thanks for stopping by my page! I will remember to be anxious for nothing I seriously need this message o! Anyway, your post was tew funny (as they say in blgville though I really don't know what it exactly means) Maybe you should send them an sms eh? That would save you a lotta trouble. Just kidding!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

This post is too funy. I reserve my comment for another day..seriously killing myself laughing..

Confused Naija Girl said...

people self!this was a funny post though!

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

It's not funny, if it continues i may run away and since am not oyibo can't consider suicide, i may run away and come back with triplets. "NDI ARA" lol.

exschoolnerd said...

suicide ke...just keep telling them off sooner or later they'll get the msg and leave u aone..i hate amebo people like no man's business.

Anonymous said...

1st time on ur page!u do write well

princess said...

lol,lol, lol,lol,lawling!!!!
No mind bad belluses o jare.

Calabar Gal said...

LOL!! It happens all the time. I was glad I'm living in the diaspora so no one is really around to ask me all those questions, but recently, those coming for holidays have been bombarding me left right and centre with embarrasing sly questions. e.g we went to see one cousin and when I said I dint want any juice or drink, just water, she was like "...Why dont u want juice? Are u pregnant?" Me: Embarrased smile: NO.

U'll be rid of all of them and those questions eventualy.

LOL at ur neigbour. Thats just naija neighbours for you. They help u with ur problems not minding if u r older than them or not. At least she senior u for married womens club now? LOL!!

I'm holding that word close to my heart too. "Be anxious for nothing but with supplication and thanksgiving......"

Take care of u and remain blessed. Cheers.

Oh and Welcome to Blogville!!!

Copido said...

@ sisbee:
LMAO. Good one. I'll try to adopt that attitude.

It's really sad that it's mostly women that go digging for who is preggers and who isn't. I'll cling to the scripture and be anxious for nothing. Do u know anxiety also causes barrenness.....