Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Am i bored?

Just sitting around doing random things. Am happy i discovered blogging or else boredom would have had the better part of me by now. I am beginning to see the fun side to loads of stuff, and finally feel my age- YOUNG. I am one of those who have always felt old and auntish, when i was 13 i acted 19, when i was 20 i acted 30 etc.

Yesterday i spoilt myself got me a lovely necklace (no details), then today after playing around face book, i decided it's time for me to visit another continent. So yes i have shifted my Dubai plans/dreams forward... AM GOING TO DUBAI or so i hope. Just spoke to my dh's friend's wife (long connection, but we rap tehehehe) who has so fallen for the place and is planning a shopping trip/spree so yours truly has been invited to officially tag along. It's even better seeing i was planning to go on my own in December.

OK this is just my random mushing post. I hope i will be able to buy nice things, i hear they sell kponkios gold there (Sisbee u intrested)! i hear they have Ikea (i love to shop for the home so much, its an addiction now), i hear they have Zara! yay! LOASCM - they have Zara! Seeing that you have invited all except me to Italiano.

I got invited to Wole Soyinka's play at Terra Culture on Sunday, now that's my kind of outing! , i remember when i dreamt of reading out my own poetry in one open night, my nerves failed me big time, and on Friday to see Harry potter(couldn't say no) so i shall be there at .... didn't even ask. Note that i like freebies but none of these outings are free, i am a grown woman now o! (back in the days i always used to tag along for free o, i remember once i got invited for a birthday, i rushed baffed when i got there without a penny in my bag, just my cards shaa which i denied, they asked us to pay £21.00 at the door. Me ke! i almost turned back lol). See me see paying for Dubai and hotel, the young shall surely grow or maybe i have arrived!

And no please i don't want anyone to give me a list of things to buy. Am not even sure am going.

What will i tell my poor old man (my boss who is currently away in Hawaii enjoying with his family hummm) OK enough said am going home. Tomorrow is another Lands registry day for me and i intend to jump work Praiiiiiiseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. I love my profession but don't exactly like my office or job here.

OK am out!


classybabe said...

I seriously want to go to Dubai myself,would love to see the burj al arab hotel even if i don't stay there

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I didnt invite you, because it needed not to be said. You are welcome whenever. Its just that I tire for you, you might end up dragging to be bubbling outside, ike adi hum..I need to be rested for atleast 20months, and before I have the kind of energy that is needed to hang out with you for one day..lolol..

anyways, when are you looking to come to europe, I hear naples is a great place to visit. Im going there next week. Dont worry when you come, we will have other spots to visit. I wont be staying at home I promise.

An Aunts Opinion said...
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Phantomwriter said...

Dubai is really nice. You will enjoy it.

ebony said...

I went in Dec with hubby and kids. Loved it soooo much. The gold sook (like different stores all in one area) will make you dance a jig. So much variety to choose from and some of the emirate speak yoruba and other naija dialects. My sis lives there but is here with me now till Dec. You'll love the malls!

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Thank You thank you everybody. Nice so i will surely bring u guys something!!!

LOASCM - we are packing our bags o we must come see u there, and yep i promise to behave myself.

Sisbee said...

Bas get in touch, I'm interested in whit gold oh! Have a good time.

Sisbee said...

that's white gold. and take some pics!