Monday, July 9, 2007

I started my weekend making sure i had bought all we needed at home and there would be no excuses so i would go in peace for the total woman talk show. Thank God for my lil sister we had planned to work hand in hand to achieve my goal. Cos she was planning to go for a wedding her friends had claimed Nigerian "celebrities" would attend hummmm.

Ok first we decided to stay awake and cook deep into the night while we picked out my sister's baff, chatted and watched movies. We were long gone(sleep of course after a busy week) when we realised we had forgotten the food(s) on the fire, fortunately they were not burning yipeee. then wen we got to the kitchen, the gas had finished kai that was the begining. I knew it!

Ok we had to wait for the shops to open, buy the gas and continue from where we stopped.Lil sis agreed that it's best i rush off while she finishes up since hers was a wedding (bless her). I finally got to the Muson centre for 10.30am and the doors were closed, they were filming and i couldn't get in. I still wonder what i missed. Anyway i had an option to wait till they breaked but nah i tot i'll go home so lil sis can go have some fun. As soon as i got home it started raining poor girl.

Anyway we all finally attended DH's friends wedding that was more like a feast. With an Arabian night setting, every thing about the wedding was beautiful. The lights, decoration, the people, the couple... everything. This was my first Yoruba engagement/ wedding/night party/Muslim wedding. So i decided to respect myself, the weather and all and cover my body. But to my greatest shock men looking for 2nd wives prefer it wen u cover ur body o. Anyway i allowed dh to sit with his friends while i sat with lil sis and some of the other iyawos. A man old enough to be my grandfather comes to me and wisphers in my ear "my daddy wants to see you" waaaaaaaaat? that would be my great grand father. Although lil sis was of the view that it meant his chairman or something, You know someone he respects. I ignored them and their rot. How come the guys in this wedding seemed to be desperate. In Nigeria it's the women that people make out like desperados but the reverse was the case here. On our way out a guy (obviously single this time) followed me all the way to the car i didn't even notice. He was about to touch me when i heard DH warning him to stay clear from me or lil sis na wa o.

Sunday, i decided to be a good friend and go for an ex school mates baby's party. It was fun as lil sis was happy to tag along and we picked my lil niece too. I got home and felt funny like i was choking. After all my enjoyment and disappointment (missing the talk show) i ended up in the hospital and took those awful jabs in my veins after the nebulizer did me no justice. But i sat down all thru these parties i thought. All these aggravated attacks want to weigh a sister down. I know i need to loose some weight cos sisbee has advised so and i have learnt to listen to her advice over the years. I can't even walk successfully up my stairs so how will i loose weight without exercise???? i'll worry not , suggestions welcome.

All in all my weekend was good and eventful. Am sure next week is going to better cos's my birthday!!!!!! Am taking some days off work to "relax" i don't want any hinderances on my first birthday as a Mrs.- i feel like am going to be 1(one).


princess said...

Seems like you had a fun week.Sorry about ur illness. Btw, what was wrong with you? U ashmatic??
You can try the Atkins diet if you want to lose weight. Not much exercise is needed and its very effective.Will give u more info if you are interested.
I will advise you to try some mild exercises like walking. Its very important that you do some.
Good luck.

Anonymous said...

lol!u shud have gone to see the great grand father--buahhhhhhhhhhh

The shopaholic. said...

If you want to lose weight without exercise start be cutting things like excess sugar out. Substitute water for soda, cut down on candy and fast foods, eat a lot of fruit, stop eating when you are full etc etc.
I wish you luck.
Happy birthday in advance. I hope you have a wonderful day.

Ugo Daniels said...

Happy buffday in advance :)