Friday, July 6, 2007

Maybe i really take things too seriously

Today i noticed something that made me start to ask myself questions. To doubt my very own wonderful self (in the past i would have felt blue all day) but i have learnt that in life you never really please everyone, you can only do your best to satisfy your christian conscience.

In a bid to find answers today i have asked my colleague and my dear cousin if what has happened has anything to do with me or was caused by me (i know i have a strong and determined/ dodged spirit that has kept me going and strong and enabled me to strive as a loner lost in thoughts of my own and a life/heart full enough to explode, yet i keep smiling.) Both have assured me that all is well, only hitch they say is that i strive too hard for perfection. Life is easy i shouldn't take things too seriously.

So in a strange twist of faith i started to count my blessings as these words came to me just like in Temmy's post - i am fearfully and wonderfully made. A perfect and chosen generation. I am unique and there is nothing i or anybody or what anybody thinks of me can do about it. I am not under condemnation, i am somebody in Christ. I am a wonder and still am , I am just like my FATHER - everything.

I have so so much to be thankful for -

From Abundance - to satisfied then to homelessness (a horrible experience i don't wish anyone at all) - Then now to a home i can decorate and call my own.

From loneliness, sadness and confusion - to looking forward to getting out of bed in the morning.

From Joblessness & dissatisfaction - to my faithful job in Aa

From Lavish spending and serious wasting - to pennylessness - to my own personal savings and priorities.

I have a devoted and selfless DH, My wonderful, supporting always ever present and faithful sisters, My loving Dad, Mum, cousins, friends and pals.

There's just too too much. I cant continue to count my blessings. He has set things straight in my life and am grateful. Looking back now i know that everything happened for a reason and in all things i have learnt to give thanks. God has a perfect plan for everyone.

I am consoled with the fact that no one deserves to be unhappy because of another.

There's a Total woman talk show on fashion and style, ur home,etc happening tomorrow at the Muson centre, presented by House on the Rock. I intend to be there life and direct, seeing it's a freebie. To register call 01 - 4614120.

Have a great weekend.


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Its LIVE and direct by the way - you coined the phrase get it right.

I too have made the decision not to let anyones drama, words, phrases, or whatever they call it as an attempt to put others down get to me.

Life is about living, and loving. You've come too far out and up not to let your experiences make you have better judgement of situations and others. You are blessed, simply see it for what it is. And if others don't like it, let them deal with it. But one advice, don't use phrases like leaving people behind. It doesn'nt make for good reading.

Stay blessed and happy. It is your time, don't let no one spoil it.

Sisbee said...

Hi there,yeah, sometimes we see these 'typo's' and overlook them! Meanwhile Bas,cheer up man, don't go getting all philosphical..wots up? U can tell me anything, remember.

Calabar Gal said...

"devoted and selfless DH..."

We all are thankful everyday for God's mercies in various ways. All is well indeed. That was the theme for this year's festival of light. Maybe u really should loosen up. Dont judge urself harshly. (smile) Cheers.

Rodrigo said...

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A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

@ LOASCM - tanx dear

@ Sisbee - lol just writing down my heart but yea will tell u. wen r u coming on line??? we really need to talk o. Remember wat i told u abt its getting serious, i'll blog a lil abt it today.

@CG - yea my dh is a bit exceptional, will take ur advice and loosen up, i did a bit of that tis weekend, thanx for visiting ma blog.