Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Missing us together

Am just reminiscing my good times, all these people and events would give u a sneak preview of me

My Sisters, My Mum - wow how have we drifted like this now. If anyone ever told me it was possible i'll never agree.

I miss the laughter and fun times- our house as it metamorphised from Toy Land, to match box people, then to the sister bee and u show, the prayer sessions, the scrambling over one small mr biggs, everything including the porridge plantain with Cod liver oil (cant believe we were forced to eat that yuck) and Green Shan Shandy lovely.

The songs - The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker all in a rubber der der..... My mums better than ur mum........, Maybe it's because am a londoner.... that i think of it.............(singing)

The War between Dad and our o so many toasters. Locking those poor dudes up in the downstairs room.

The fights

Amy's sleeping outside cos they didnt take her to the dusty village, me sleeping on the cold floor in front of dads room cos they kicked me out. His bed was my bed... if only i knew then what i know now, so thats why they kicked me out ehr????? Hey!

The sad times- The hard times, challenges that came with Nne and her baby boom....

The one thing that we love and that bound us together DAD!!!

Ma gees... Kel lil lil, LOASCM, Kunnie, Oku, Keke,Ruthless - My all time VIP's, must say thanks for watching my back.

I miss the yabs, the girls night outs, all those dry(tehehehe) bbqs. (those were the days in Kunnie and Oku's flat, fresh out of uni, young and restless.) the cold nights, walking aimlessly and just making noise, singing, being us. The fish and plantain that seemed like heaven to us.I will never forget the day we were going to Nutts and decided to sit on first class cos we were just naughty...... that was the most embrassing day of my life, and it was with u guys.

I remember the pari at The roof top .... that some nigerian guy was giving away dollars to all the girls who attended........... that was the funniest day of ma life!It goes on and on.... (kunnie don born , shes married now, Oku just doesnt have my time anymore. LIFE).

I miss the fights, encouragement and of course ponder in ur eyes yes LOASCM- i always see that in ur eyes the look that goes this excited child! we have have had our break ups and make ups.

THE HARSH REALITY - Ruthie where r u man! we have come a very long way from those ISSU days in the forest, to working with the user -T-, to back to tis Lagos na wa o!

Keke - i just miss everything. Those sleepless law school nights, the yummy cooking. You taught me the meaning of friendship.

My inseperable Kel lil lil - I still love u loads and know u'll come across my blog someday, am speechless when it gets to u cos dunno where to start.

Miss T, Enes, Nana - OMG those days as foreigners in the Strand, we didnt even know our faith, what can i say. Thank God we made it.

Flex - So good things come to an end? never wanted it to end and u always said its not over till its over, after we saw as "pals" in chi-town, i knew IT WAS OVER. (yea the chi-town for my peps reading this, u never really get over pure and innocent whatever do u?)

Anyways that that, These are my memories, made me, moulded me, shaken me, moved me.

Am sure only 2 out of the many people in tis blog.


The Life of a Stranger called me said...
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Sisbee said...

Feel like crying, but Nkeiruka.

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

@ LOASCM Your stronger than me, so whatever u say is final!! lol am not fightin u shaaa (Grin)

@ Sisbee yey and amen! i know theres a season and time for everything!

Copido said...

What's Nkeiruka???
Oh, I wish I could relive my childhood again and again.....