Wednesday, June 27, 2007


First just to say am addicted to blogging already and have been stalking voice mails and blogs waooo where have i been. And second i'm into it so much NOW cos i must confess been jobless (isnt that obvious) as in i actually have a kponkios job o(serious), but since i started havent gotten a single brief. Just doing articles and stuff that i will publish on my blog when the time is right.

Today some strange sweet and bitter things have happened.

The managing partner is on his way out huraaaaaaaaaay! i'll get to go home early - its really frustrating how we have to stay put here chilling till 7 or 8pm i mean not just because my contract says 6pm which i find very unnecesary, but that fact that we r just sitting doing NADA.
We Finally Finally got a brief am so elated(praise Jesus s my girl Life of a stranger would say), worth millions and millions you'll think its my company, i guess its good to be paitent or what i dunno, but am off to Alausa to the Lands registry tomorrow so finally yours trully will stop being so obviously JOBLESS and leave home at maybe 9 as opposed to 6am.
Now the bitter sour

My dear colleague resigned (sobbing gently) am going to miss u Mr I cos i actually tot .. neways the guy got a job that would pay him about 10x what he earns here, if its me sef....
Then finally

I just got back from Bank O. Hummm just as i read from some of the blogs i stalked today, we women we can hate o. As i walked into the bank you know me and how wonder i feel actually with my little skirt to show of my 2nd best asset after my teeth/smile of course..........MA LOVELY LEGS! . Back to the gist b4 i get carried away - i see this heavily clad girl and ask her for the nice guy that i met yesterday that was secretly filrting with a married woman imagine!
Ok heres the gist i walked in feeling nice, the guy that was supposed to help me open my accunt for some shady or would i say risky "investment" i will gist u all about soon maybe when i've been paid my "millions" (winks a trend in Lagos o). You can tell the babe was intimidated by ordinary me, she asked me to wait for the guy who apparently went to Apapa b4 my account can be opened, I explain how i have to get back to work and she goes "am veri buzie" wat!!! with all the baffs?? anyway thats off point again. I being the sweet woman i am asked her nicely to photocopy my docs and keep for the guy. She shouts at me ... cant remember her exact words cos i trully wasnt vexed. I remind her i am a customer that she should send someone to photocopy the documents. Ok her boss is probably used to silent girl fights so he comes to my rescue and yes asks her to get someone to do it. I sit down nicely and of course - then guess what??? this is y i concluded
she brings out her make up bag (yes i was looking cos i was shocked) pours out all her make up so i can see, all i made out was the mac liquid foundation cos thats nice and starts making up. Na wa o - i dont want to go on and on but did i by some small chance intimidate this Lagos Chicala? I mean it wasnt closing time and she obviously wasnt going anyway, seeing she claimed to be busy.

Thats that no more details will talk about the "investments" later i promise. For now yours truly is going home and yes am driving with the L sign and my DH in the passenger side am sure he'll be teasing me tire i hope i make it.


The Life of a Stranger called me said...
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The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Praise da Lord Haleluyah..kelly is driving. Oya come over tomorrow and tell us how u did it.

Obviously the chica was jealoux, anyways I dont blame her, u just like intimadating peeps with your presence, I've been warning you, your over dressing is not

will start treking home now.

Calabar Gal said...

U must have looked good and intimidated her small. OR she probably was jealous of ur confident attitude. Thats how we ladies are.

I remember once I went to a bank to ask about their registrar's dept and make some enquireies and the lady there was giving me some shit about having to come with letter of adminstration. I was like what when I came with a letter of probate?!?! I sat her down and explained the differnece btw the two for her. At least I know the difference even if I just a law student then. She chill small all the posing wey she been dey pose for me just stop and she came down to my level. LOL!! It was after I left I now realised what had happened that the tables had turned small. LOL!!

Copido said...

Some companies don't know the staff they employ can also ruin them...extremely poor customer relations, emptying her make-up in front of a customer! She woulda been fired if I was her boss...*loud and long hisssssss*

Anonymous said...

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