Sunday, August 19, 2007

Witches huh

This past weekend! Am driving to the club alone! am in the gym for over 1 hour! No attacks! Am Floating and kicking my legs in water, my tummy is getting flatter. we get a buyer for our scrappy ride, I never thought any one will buy it! Oh my word i get an invitation for an interview today. Wow, am soaring!

DH is fine, thanks for all the messages, he is comforted with the knowledge that his darling sis is resting in a better place. The burial would be at the end of the month.

OK i watched and watched Tyra's show this weekend . I wonder of all things to talk about of course after Trump and how cheap she (Tyra) claims to be. How come she's always claiming to be cheap. She claims her clothes and shoes are cheap. But we go to the same stores and don't see the $5.00 pencil skirts, shoes and other lovely clothes she wears. Anyway am not beefing her and am digressing, maybe it's her body, maybe she's actually all that, that she will wear a $5 something and it will look like she got it from Prada or something.

On witches, that was one of the topics of her show. I never beleived there were serious "native doctors, witchcraft etc" abroad o!. She invited satanists, white witches, black/dark witches, and some other woman that found Christ after all her witch craft.

These people sounded like destruction, the white ones meaning pure or good or none evil i suppose. Claimed and taught the audience a popular love portion, some candles , some blah blah.. Na wa o. They talked about spells and all. One of the dark witches claimed she had the last breath of a murderer! i nu kwa! And that they send bitch slaps to people who offend them or do something, they can send job losses, and general bad luck. I just couldn't believe it, just like in all our Nigerian films. The satanists claimed that they weren't devil worshippers but their "religion" promoted freedom and indulgence! na wa o. I don't know i just watched and it occured to me that these are the end times.

We as Christians would need to be stronger in faith and proud to proclaim the gospel any where. Can you believe that the ex witch now born again said she was ministered to in a parking lot at the cinemas? It goes to tell us that we should never be weary of preaching and spreading the word of God. We must stand up for what we believe and know. Imagine witches coming out straight with no fear to talk about witch craft and demons on national t.v!!!

Sisters and brothers let's not just be hearers of the word, let's be doers. Please find some time to minister to someone today. It could even be by a good gesture.

Peace to you all.

BTW My test/ interview is by 4.30pm.


30+ said...

Akel, thanks for this.

Ugo Daniels said...

Sometimes, they're all media hype, nuffing much.

bighead said...

Talking about "cheap", on one episode of CNN's larry King Live, he and some celebrity cook were celebrating the fact that they could cook a meal in New York for as low as... guess... $40. That'll will feed some families here in naija for like a month. Our definitions of cheap opbviously don't converge.

exschoolnerd said...

i wanted to watch that particular show my bro told me bout it..but bloody NEAP struck.

Queen of My Castle said...

Very interesting. I agree with the ministering bit. Sometimes just the way we live our lives ministers unawaringly to others.

Nyemoni said...

JESU! What has been happening? I haven't been here in ages...I confess...I am so sad about the loss of your sis in law!!! I cant even find the right words to say...please send my condolence to your hubby...I will mail you...sorry girl..

princesa said...

Babe how far with the interview?
Hope it went well.

As for witches, i no fit talk o!

Nyemoni said...

P.S How did the test go? Fill us in!

UndaCovaSista said...

Well said. We Christians do need to step up our game and stop apologising for whom and what we believe in. I mean if a witch can come on television and talk of sending bitch slaps, of all wa o!

Confessions of a moody crab said...

Witches in Obodo Oyibo.....I tire o? How far with the interview, hun?

femme said...

are u minding tyra?
there are witches everywhere o, almost every culture believes in the 'dark arts'.
hope your interview goes very well.

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

@ Ugo - yea i know, i would say Tyrs has no more gist.
@ Big head - accepted but u should watch Tyr, she claims things she has are worth less than N700.00 thats cheap enuff.
@ ex school nerd - you missed nada, Dont worry Yaradua is planning to help us.
@ queen of my castle - yep true
@ Nyemoni - tanx, it is well
@ Princesa - Sis tis wasnt an interview it was an entry level test, i was pissed man with all my experience anyway lets just say upon all my shakara i took it. It was below my level so very simple... hummmm now lets see the offer!
@Undercover sis - yes true words darl
@ Moody crap- my sis - Lets just say we're hoping for another interview soon.
@Femme - did u see the show? funny shaa but u know blogsvile u can just turn small things into gist lol. Thanks interview/test went well.