Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Been making cold calls, calling firms to speak to their practice managers and i have gotten my c.v into the hands of many. The last man i called a partner of high reputation in Nigeria, i met at a conference earlier on in the year, (i have done 2 tests in that firm and 2 interviews, they will think am a die hard) anyway my c.v is in his inbox, nice old man, he has promised that it's going to be good.

Because i know if i get a "busier" job i wont feel too redundant and therefore wont feel so bad anymore (i hope).

DH travelled yesterday, so hopefully when he gets back i'll be slimmer, happier and ready to start cooking him nice meals again. Did i mention that because i have been sad/ bored i havent been cooking anything special. I made a big pot of stew and small soup and we have been doing yam, rice, pasta and stew over and over again. Am a good wife but i guess i had reached my boiling point. Please i have noted don't worry or chill advice i have heard enough already, thanks. Am just trying to write thats all.

And DH would be refreshed and bring back lots of pressies as always. Awww i missed him yesterday night already, it's funny how you get used to lieing next to someone everyday of your life. But on a lighter note there shall be no form of cooking by me for 2 weeks, am on home duties vacation wow! And lets hope the weight goes off.

Am off to hang out with my mother in-law on friday, that's the burial date, tanx to me listening to advice for once. So hopefully i'll come back refreshed and ready to start work. I am seriously thinking of resigning, seriously. Cos am of the school that believes that no one deserves to be unhappy and i cut off things that make me that way.

Anyway am skipping work tomorrow, i don't care if am the last man standing, that's just not my business anymore. As a christian i feel guilty that i use my firms resources to job hunt everyday. So lets say am staying away and that's the only thing i feel guilty about anyway.

I will come back with jist from the ancient city am visiting, for now wish me well.


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

All is well - there is always a time for everything - this too shall soon pass. Love you babes.

Nyemoni said...

Pele. there...well you will always have your Take care and try to have fun at 'our' State by choice

princesa said...

Am also of the school of thought that says if its making u unhappy then you dont need it.

"I feel guilty that i use my firms resources to job hunt everyday"
Girl i admire your conscience o!

Which ancient city are you going to?? Let me guess...Abeokuta?
Have a safe trip.

Sisbee said...

safe journey. you'll be alright. ths post kind of llike deja vu's??? Like peas in a pod.

bighead said...

I heard using your firm's resources to job hunt can get one fired in some of these countries dem but you gat to do what you gat to do. Don't get caught anyway.

30+ said...

Journey mercies o, bring back plenty plenty gist