Friday, August 24, 2007

Recently i have just been feeling my life is gradually becoming a boring circle. I keep telling my self things like i will go out more, i will get a better job so i can spend more on myself, take myself out etc, I will try to be a better daughter, sister, friend, even though all my friends and family relationships are now officially on the phone or the internet. I'm wondering is it just me?

Does anyone have ideas of things people can do on their own in Lagos, that obviously wouldn't require too much money being spent, or too much drama. Am gradually evolving and I DON'T LIKE IT.

Have a good weekend guys, mine would be typical - go to the gym and food shopping on Saturday, come home and cook the food. I haven't decided if i am loosening my hair or not. Then Sunday after church go swimming and come back home to watch T.V - What a bore. I got home yesterday to meet my lil sister sobbing, hope we dry people haven't rubbed off on the poor girl. She is turning more and more into what i am. Someone should tell her when i was her age i was excited, couldn't care and had lots of fun with my friends who are all evolving right now too. I always think of how it was for me when i stayed with SB we had so much fun and we gisted and gisted, we were just happy to be together, we hailed each other, we went out and did stuff, we were excited together sometimes too. Maybe the same stuff excited us. Am tired generally maybe i should take the poor girl to go see a movie, but she says that's so predictable. Those days even the food SB used to make was something i wanted to rush home to. I don't know maybe we're different my lil sis and i. Maybe the smallest things excite me.

I am generally bored and wonder how she will feel. Somebody help me already!


Ugo Daniels said...

I think it's about time you got yourself a male companion, like a bf or something, get into a relationship. If there's someone shown interest in yu, then reciprocate without compromising your principles (warreva that is).

I may be all wrong, though.

Just try and make it a nice one :)

Mrs Somebody said...

Welcome to my world!Enjoy your stay.
@ Ugo Daniels.....A Kel is married-o! Newly wedded and intends to remain that way forever.Abi no be so a kel?So take your advice somewhere else.biko.

femme said...

cheer up.
will look around on the net for something stimulating.

30+ said...

Rolling on the floor with laughter, I love yoou so much for this akel blow kiss mwah.
Just this afternoon o Sat pm, I was sharing with some folks in church how life can be so boring and how people spend time to watch meaningless films and how some people do rubbish moves on you tube and people are rushing to watch it all out of boredom. One lady came after to tell me as if I knew that she gets bored and spend so much time on internet.

Why was I laughing, because you just confirmed to me that I am not alone and it is not about being single or married.

What to do
Okay how about you go for a drive to an area you have not been before (Sunday there should be no traffic.
Get a project of making one or two friends and go visit them on alternate weekends or somethink, like go visit Mrs Somebody now.
Get involved in church activity.
Do a short course on writing (read about some bloggers who went to chima something writing course.
Go and see one of those Laspapi plays.
Go to the beach
Go and visit the motherless baby's home
Go to visit the school for the blind/deaf
Go to an art gallery (sure they have that in lagos)
Buy a nintendo game thingy.
Play online chess
Learn sewing, baking or how to make hair.
Gatecrash a wedding with your little sister next weekend (maybe it is too much drama for you though).

I would have said start blogging (lol) but you already have one.

Sorry my comment was long, even I am going to copy this comment for safekeeping when my cycle of boredom wants to attack me.

30+ said...

You can also add the following
Take a burden to pray for missionaries.
Take a burden to pray for someone you know who needs your prayers.

Sisbee said...

@Ugo D, Lol, all this while what did you think DH stood for?
Bas, awwwh, yeah it can be a bit boring in the beginning but honestly you're on the right track, this is the time to rest and better yourself. Remember when I wasn't working, how boring could that be? The highlight of the day would be when my dh came back from work, tired and....., any way he would ask me what I had done all day, answer would be I slept then woke up then painted my nails (including toe nails), perfect french manicure...that would take 3 hours like to dry. By the time the toe nails were dry only then would I attempt to go out and buy something to cook or go to the gym, before you knew it it was night again.And those nails would need painting the next day ooh! Now it seems like 24 hours isn't enough, and I haven't even got kids yet! Don't worry, rest, read and better yourself inside and out, very soon you'll be too busy and very occupied.
And I'm happy you enjoyed those days we had together, me I miss you ooh!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

@kele - I wonder what has brought about this new self search which you have arrived at the fact that you must be boring. Please first off what was upsetting the beautiful and self assured miss O - hope nothing serious, its not like her to be crying.

well i hope you are not thinking my life is a bed of roses. But we must all remember that our journey paths are different, and its what you make of it that counts. I could have easily opted for the boring - well I dont need to exhunerate myself - I too rememeber those days at sisbees, where the highlight of my weekend was driving 100miles from kent just so I can come and hang out with you guys - you were the life of the party - I was the boring one that made plans but never actualised it.

Now I have chosen not to make those mistakes. I have chosen to go and see the world the Lord has placed in my reach before that next oasis. You too can choose to make the most of your oasis. I doubt you are as bored as you are making it out to be. I find that you like me, tend to make a mountain out of a molehill - trust me from where I'm standing and also from the inside where I have stood, you life is seriously much fun. Now go and enjoy what you have and quit your wining!!

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

@ Ugo Daniels - erhm
@ Mrs Somebody - no way ur hands are full u cant possibly be in this club. Your name was mentioned by 30+ so expect me at yours next weekend. I don't mind baby sitting.
@ Femme - I am doing just that tanx.Blogging and FB lol
@30+ 1. Must say it's comforting to know it's normal cos i was getting worried for my self.
2. Thanx so much,all ur suggestions are wonderful. I'm going to visit my mum in law this weekend and then yep i will go and hang out with Mrs Somebody, church activity, writing courses infact i will follow ur list to the dot. Love u too thanks. BTW i strongly believe ur on of my sister's friends. Still going to try and decode you soon!!!
@Sisbee - great way for u to understand how ur girl feels. Tanx miss u more, why do u think i'm pressuring him to get a job in Aerdeen????. And we need to talk.
@ Life- my dear maybe cos i saw ur pics and all ur activity i got jealous - If i see u i will pull out ur hair!!!!! argggghhhhhhhhhhhhh (ust joking) Yea thanks darling, i guess there are seasons and when i was a child ........... aww so painful. Lil Miss O told me she has been bored and wonders what direction her life will take, she has decided to marry the next man that asks we spent this weekend just talking then finally she went on some kind of date hummmm le kwe. And yep i helped her change her decision.

Nyemoni said...

Lol @ Ugo D!!! hahahaha... I'm seriously laffing here, just wait till a Kel's DH catches you!

Awwww dear, life can be so like that sometimes and we ask ourselves, what next? But I guess that's what families/ friends are for now? Talk to me... I'll tell you how I cope on the most boring days...Have a blessed week!

Ugo Daniels said...

Ewoooooooooooooo, my bad, really. I am so so so sooooooooorrrrrrrrrry! Damn, what was i thinking. I mean, one can't be married, newly and be bored. Whatever happened to the blissful years.

Ok, how was your weekend, kel? Hope you had fun, one way or another. Maybe you need another honeymoon. You can come to my Island, i'll host you guys? erhn what sayeth ya!? :)

bighead said...

U think its normal? Me I'm convinced its a virus being propagated by the underground, very top-secret labs of the US of A and spread through blogspot. I just did an entry on something similar and see everyone here talking about the exact same thing.

The solution? Wear dark shades and gloves and listen to rock music while blogging.

Does your kain sis blog?

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Ugo wow thats serious o! Dont start what u can't finish b4 u see me and like 4 others in ur end o!!! lol tanx

Aijay said...

I can so relate to this.
It's days like this that my phone suffers. I start calling up old friends & acquaintances, peeps I haven't spoken to in ages or I 'kidnap' a friend & take a long drive with loud music on & most times we find some new place.
Maybe u shd try something new.
Don't worry, you'll be fine.

cinnamonqueen said...

In the modern age, the more we seem to do and seem to have, the less contended we seem to end up. Girl, at least you go for a swim on Sunday after church - me, I drag myself out of bed and veg in front of boring Sunday tv. :)

princesa said...

Sometimes we think our life is the most boring. Naah! We are just not exploring all the avenues. Look hard a kel, am sure you will find something to interest you.

For me, it doesnt take much. Anytime i feel that way, i take a stroll and just look out for things i never noticed earlier. Its interesting. You can take ur sis along too.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

hun - your dream is expect my call.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

I will go this weekend to the shop where I bought that my dress to find one for you - and a nice accessory to match. That should make you happy. You know I love you babe. Maybe that may console you. Im off skying in november - hope this will not cause you to break my leg the next time I see you.


Anonymous said...

how bored can u be kel? u just got married ??? pls is lag that dry. expand ur social circle, go shopping, start sumthing new.