Monday, August 6, 2007

Big Brother

BB Africa started yesterday, i stayed awake till 1am trying
to get to know the house mates, imagine! My dh swore the Nigerian girl was ibo,
trying to yab me somehow, anyway i just read from Bella Nijias blog that she's
not. Good.

They all seem ok to me, although i feel some of tem have lied
about their real ages. Can you imagine a man from Kenya saying he's 23. Anyway
amist all the chaos and trying to impress one another i liked the babe from
South Africa, she speaks dirty a bit but i looked past it cos shes only trying
to make sure she doesnt come across as jew at all. Besides taht i think i like
her, she is confident and will flow with everyone. Theres also a "fashion
designer" in the house kaaaa tailor come say na fashion designer. Ok no hating,
she looks pretty shaa and din't lie about her age. They all ended up
cooking some junk food our poor Nijia girl drank water all along, and my sister
kept saying she should rush the free apples, they cost N60.00 each here lol. I
think you should read about these people from Bella Nijias blog. I can give more
gossip later when am in the mood.

Mr I (my colleague that resigned last month) has helped the
other perosn left here get a job in the same organisation. So that makes me the
last man standing. O folam o (remaining me and my boss) 2 man office lol.


Rinsola said...

i tot i was the only one who felt that guy looked way above 23. Well we never know

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

So your DH was yabing that girl, actually her first name sounded ibo to me; don't mind your DH, you know he really likes us thats why he had to marry one of us Ibos now..lolol.. but kai, you fine gann, na your beauty captivated and confused him, he didnt know what else to do than marry

keep me updated with this bb, I wonder what to make of it.

princesa said...

U this babe like T.V too much o!

What was wrong with the Naija girl wey make u want disown am? me am not a fan of BB but wont mind the juicy gists once in a while :)

Chei! that your office go sweet to dey now o! No work, just chilling. I hope they still pay ur salary sha.

Sisbee said...

I'm missing ot on BB africa chei, Bb Uk is so boring now that our sis has left...Thik she's are sis..Charly Uchea.

classybabe said...

People are already complaining about offunne,at least from the forum i read.Heard there was an offer of lap dance on the first day?!

Aijay said...

I actually left a comment on Bella's blog regarding that Kenyan guy's age. Isn't it obvious that he's older than 23 or is this a case of 'looks might be deceiving'?
Beats me!!

Anonymous said...

men i wish i cud watch the show 24/7..i hrd they have shower hour!that is totally unncessary

The Life of a Stranger called me said...


The shopaholic. said...

I want to watch BBN. Do they youtube the episodes?

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Copido said...

lol. That Jeff doesnt strike me as 20-anything. That Naija girl is not 'it' at all. I'm guessing BB organisers had to settle for her though cos not many Naija people (gals especially)would wanna be filmed in the shower. I most definitely think she's gonna be first out if she's piece

femme said...

im hoping someone will hook us up via you tube. but the people in the house are not fine this time.

camisita personlizade says he likes ur blog and he found it via google,would appreciate it if u took the time out to visit his own and if u could add him to ur blog roll.
(who send me message?)

Confessions of a moody crab said...

LOL @the Nigerian girl. I iwsh I could watch here in the UK

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Thanks Femme, i was shocked and had concluded to igonre the person o! what language is that? portugese??