Monday, June 25, 2007

Me Driver?

God has made everything beautiful in his own time Eccl 3:11.
Thats my bestest verse in the bible, i recite it at all times when things are going well or not. Especially when i've been delayed, disappointed, denied etc etc. Ok so maybe i should recite it and in fact meditate it with regards to my driving, cos it's getting serious afterall desperate times require desperate measures.
Dunno if am a block head or something is wrong. Am actually surprised cos i'm one of those effico pple. You know never failed an exam before, brilliant, bright, sharp (yeah yeah ) anyway thats what my dad made me believe. But this driving has exposed me. Started to learn initailly over 10 years ago, then cooled down when i realised there would be no car for me to even test how much more drive, seeing my parents didnt have time for such games - if u can drive then drive if u cant, driver or they will carry u) no strories..... Then i started again 5 years ago, i cant believe i actually paid for driving school anyway, after 5 lessons or so i was certified and given a license unfortunately my excuse was "still no car cos i had moved away from home".
Everyone says remove fear, be determined etc my friend even said if her sister can drive then anyone can, dunno what that means. Its really frustrating cos now to the glory of God the car excuse cant be used again o. Is it me? is something wrong? My learners permit has expired (and it lasts for 3 months) still i dont even have the guts to move the car out of my compound how much more DRIVE. Even yesterday after fellowship a lovely man had to keep his babies waiting just to drop me at home imagine!
I dunno who is after me ! but i have resolved to telling myself that in His time i will drive even thugh i knw this my favorite verse may not apply here.
Help wanted Or am i on the right track, there must be a beautiful time for me to learn?


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

the bible say that Fretting which is what you are doing leads to evil (Psalm 37 vs. 8b). And using the word of God to cover your fear is wrong. He has given you many occasions go bring your fear under control, but you have continued to let the fear hold you down, better still using the word of God to cover it.

You need to bring your thought (Fear) obedient to Christ Jesus and only then will you succeed.

The very best.

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

Life thanks will give it a go again this weekend.

Sisbee said...

Bastic the driver, when I think of you dunno why I think of a snotty nosed 5 year old with big eyes. (no offence). I just see you as my baby sis who still needs to be picked up and carried. Can't believe you're all grown up married and driving (or attempting to). Wonder how our parents feel when they see us;if you are still like a baby to me then I guess to them we are still like neonates or something. As for the driving fears....if sisbee could do it all those years ago...anyone can! but the word of God remains true. He does make all thingS beautiful in His time, which is the right time. You'll get there,only believe!

Copido said...

Learning to drive in Lagos...please be on the lookout for dem 'okadas'. U should b fine though once u understand that u can control the car and not vice versa. All d best babes...