Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Awwww Robin Thicke

Ok i admit and hope am ok, am just so in love with this guys "Lost without U" from his album the Evolution of Robin Thicke. Been humming it all week (still am in fact been blasting it in my uptight office!). Everyone's surprised and you can imagine the looks they have on their faces.

Ok this guy has been into music and related stuff since 2000 from what i have read, cant believe i havent discovered he did this song i have been loving since the radio station started blasting it in 2006.

To cut the long story short he was born in 1977, Used to perform under his surname alone Thicke before now. His evolution began in 2005! My song "Lost without U" is actually a ballad and he has sung it on American Idol and OPRAH!!! (Waooo great minds think alike).

"Lost Without U" became Thicke's first number one hit on the R&B singles chart and he became the first white male artist since George Micheal to top the chart. He appears in the music video of this single with his Hoooooooooooooooooot wife Paula Patton.

Ok and finally.....................

My birthday is in 2 weeks (Winks but still humming )

Lost without u, can't help myself.................

How does it feel....... to know that i love you babe...... (to listen click on link by the side on my blog)

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Confused Naija Girl said...

happy b day in advance! robin thicke is the coolest white guy!