Monday, June 18, 2007


" I am a wonder unto many; but thou art my strong refuge" (psalm 71:7)
After reading this scripture and with the help of my baba in heaven i finally decided to do something about my pimples and my face. Haba O gini? I mean i have used Clarins tire, Elizabeth Arden, Clean and Clear, Neutrogena even ncha nkoto (black soap) and back in my hay days anything u can name that was sold in the market one of my friends once asked me to use egg white!!!!!!!!!!!!!all for beauty.
Ok so i walk into this fancy v.i beauty place and am charged a hand and a leg cos "i have stubborn spots and black heads" hummmmmmmm i didnt even think twice and decided to give it a go since i want to be a physical wonder....... also (something we used to do when i was growing up, we had short names for everything, wonder.. wonderful, Love - Lovely etc) and life is for the living abi.
This lady asks/insists that i stop using my fancy and safe clarins after i had just bought myself a different range of morning and night creams (those people sef waoooo its amazing they will soon make early afternoon, mid day and late afternoon etc cream, na wa o) and prescribes some smelly medicated soap and that i apply fresh pineapple and orange juice on my face at night and am thinking so i'll wake up with ants on my face ehr?
Initially it was hillarious, but upon all my shakara and yabs i give it a go, and go by all the rules, change my diet,go in religiously for facials and the big one keep my foundation, concealer and blot powder (exposed!!!!!!!! yes i clog all these on my face, thats the secret of my beauty b4) and i do miss my foundation cos people have been asking me whats up as if i was ill. Ne ways its day number 10 today and i wake up to my dh's hands stroking my wonder.. face (winking) and i was excited cos i must confess that's a first i must really be looking love. Anyways am willing to share my beauty secret cos my face is cleared but i must warn you the soap dey stink o! you really dont need to go into that fancy beauty place. Even though am not looking forward to ending my sessions and yea i do rub the pine apple on my face yikes!!! Dont know if its a combination of everything that has cleared the face, but i give that smelly soap kudos.
Had a love... weekend and went around with this wonder thought in my mind then on saturday even carried myself to the gym something i hadnt done in a whole year. The Scipture encouraged me to look at my physcial body, am sorted and a wonder.


Sisbee said...

Wonder, encouraged already by your success. I just changed from my Clinique to this thing called Clarins. My sis, I spent £130 buying waht I don't know and guess what? my face is the worst it has been in over 20 years. Now I've decided to go to the greatest beauticain of them all..... Jesus said some only come out by fasting and prayer...think I have to go down that line. Happy you're feeling love though.

Ms zee said...

oya send me the soap or give me the name kia kia... i would tell my folks at home to send it down to me...thanks

A Kel called Wonder ...... said...

@Sisbee it's well...

@Ms Zee ok if its just the soap that will be $100.............(just messing around) its clear essence medicated soap.... made to suit our skin. It smells shaaa like sulphur so i'll suggest u wash or rinse off ur body with a nice body wash afterwards thats what i do. Goodluck am sure u'll find it over there in Canada.