Friday, May 30, 2008


My tailor has just upset me. Been looking forward to my co-workers wedding happening tomorrow, and been planning how for the first time i would wear a scarf (gele).

Sent the material to a tailor very far away from me, just to look "be spoke" but she has finished me. O my dayzzz if i had known i would have stuck to my local tailor near my house (we'd go back and forth 5 times and i will still look like a carpenter hammered the material together lol.) This woman made my dress so short its unbelivable and the material now she claims is finished.
Tiny dress with heels. Na wa ooo.

Shes gone to the market to buy tafeta watever so i guess i will look like patch patch work tomorrow,Seeing that the material is yellow, blue ad small pale purple, the scarf is pale purple and shes getting GOLD material. ie if she can even deliver b4 i go home at 6.30pm. Am tired.I guess i might just wear another number or 4get the wedding. THIS COULD BE A SIGN! After wasting my money and time.

Anyway on a lighter and better note how are you guys. Whats planned for the weekend? Am also being a god mum on sunday, thats something am looking forward too. My lovely angel god daughter will be three months on the day. Am thrilled. Yesterday I got her a tiny bikini that her mum will keep till shes able to play in water or swim. I will look for something appropriate and buy for sunday. I will make it a point of duty to visit her every month. Yeah now her mum has an excuse to see me in her house. Am sure its planned seeing i'm always home just chilling these dys.

Not much drama happening right now. Am excited for a certain somebody and thinking of her makes me very happy these days.

Alright folks have a good weekend.


Afrobabe said...

lol...that tailor na die oh...pls give me her name and add so I can avoid that whole area...

Mekistein said...