Monday, May 5, 2008

The pursuit of happyness

This weekend i saw this lovely movie (the title of my post). The one Will Smith and his son stared in. The suffering in the movie was meant to be much and i kept thinking to myself, why wouldnt the father (Will Smith) just get a cleaning job or a job in Mcdonalds (its always easy and available). I kept shouting and getting angry that " a man's got to do what he's got to do". Things were so hard that the son's daycare taught him to spell Happiness as "happyness". They couldnt afford a proper day care or neighbourhood. To top it all up wife left. I didnt even blame her cos her husband frustrated her. He would never be there to look after the son so she can go do her 2nd job. And he wasn't bringing money home after depriving her of going out to work.i still think she should have stood by her man though cos if they were together for the 6 months the guy was an intern, things would have been easier.

Anyway there was a lesson in that movie for me. Perseverance, to know what you want, believe in it and pursue it with all you have. If that guy had done what the ordinary man would do, ie get a cleaning job or whatever just to go by. He probably would have gotten comfortable and limited himself.

In the end of the movie the guy became a stock broker, he went on to open his own business etc etc.

It is important for for us to hold on, even when it seems things arent going the way we hope. Sometimes i look back at myself just 3 years ago. With no place to call my own and a low down paying job. Fighting to go back to a country i loved and still love so much, Limiting myself and playing God. And i see how far i have come, i know God has always prepared a place for me, but i was too impatient to hold on.

The message is simple HOLD ON!


Jaycee said...

Wow...these few phrases were just written at the right time for ME...I'm learning to hold on to the vision I see for my future...fantastic piece, I must say!

Sisbee said...

Baaaaas, ehm yeah, when I watched that movie I thought of lots of things too...mainly the wife, people rush to judge people in marriage, but I think what pains a woman deep enough for her to leave her child is a deep seated pain beyond the financial suffering in the marriage, beyond what the world thinks they see, women hurt deep and yet are so tender, if that was a real story and she left- it was because of something beyond materialism and her husband knew it. But as for Will Smith he did well, perserverance pays off, the good thing is that the kid was probably to young to recall the level of initial suffering.

'Yar Mama said...

In the last scene of the movie, where Will Smith is walking off into the 'sunset', a man passes by and Will paused for a while and just looked back at the man; that man is the real person in the story.

NikkiSab said...

Very lovely piece. Perseverance sometimes is so hard to hold but with a little encouragement and plenty self belief, u can achieve anytin. Pursuit of happiness was a strong film.


I also started watching that movie over the weekend, but somehow, I didn't manage to finish it. It got a little boring. Not because it was a bad movie, but because it became predictable. I didn't even make it to see him start the internship. So much for perseverance, huh?


Simi Speaks said...

That was a powerful movie. Lessons learned!

Naijadude said...

I know about holding on! May I am being mediocre or something, while watching the movie I just kept on screaming, do something else dude!
But that movie taught one about tenacity and perseverance, perseverance pays but does it worth it not to have somewhere to sleep just because you havent reached?

AlooFar said...

I love that movie. Great Directing. ;)

Moody Crab said...

Lol@ Solomonsydell

Aww...nice piece. But perseverance is difficult esp during tough times. But Gid dey sha.

Long you doing? WELCOME BACK!