Friday, May 23, 2008

Caught in the act

Ok so a certain madam (you know yourself) has found my blog. So no work ranting here because she is my colleague and team member!

Work's been going well peps, i think am fitting in well. I hear from the grape vine about office politics here though. You know me i dont excatly know these things. Am a small town girl not used to the Eko competition and all the hassle. So anyone with tips or advice can throw it.

DH and what i read from the internet says the trick is to just be yourself.

I decided to congratulate my darling Nyemoni, another wonderful addittion to her family. Will blog about intresting stuff hopefully soon.


princesa said...

Been a while i was here and am i glad i dropped in?
Nyemoni has put to birth? Yipee!!! Off to say my congrats!

BTW,good to know you are fine babe.

NikkiSab said...

Really d best advice is to be urself. If u try to please4 d world u'll make urself sad n some oda pple mad, so rock it as YOU!!!
I hear its a boy Nyemoni has. So lovely!!!

30+ said...

So you have been found out...shame