Tuesday, June 3, 2008

So i unleashed

My darlings in blogsville, for the first time in ages i unleashed .....

I hate to have to unleash my dragon at all (cos i can be a dragon or lion lol)and then cos i appear to be a "sweet" little lady without issues or stress. You know what they say about people who are always happy and laughing and people who always smile. Anyway i am a blessed woman and life is still beautiful.

Just that the whole rubbish (am begining to see) in my office is just rubbish. lol am venting. Some rubbish person even asked me if the office is my house when i was in the middle of my fume and silent battle for my right. lol. She doesnt know any better i guess. I hate the fact that my office keeps employing people without making proper provisions for them. How can it be too much to ask for a condusive (according to the standards of my crap office) work area. When did it be become right to be treated with no respect?

Now shes kidding and asking for my DH's number (i guess she wants to hail him) lol she's silly. Am sure ur wondering what am on about my peps. My office reminds me of life in diaspora. Where u come from being a "king in your country" and then you get there and ur treated like what. How can anyone at all have the right to just get up and swap tables (am not hating the player here, i have nothing against the player, just the game). Gimme a tiny table to sit and work cos am the new person meanwhile i came here yesterday and sat on a normal sized table. Thats rubbish. In my hay days i would have walked. lol. Its crazy man. Theres a lot to talk about about my office and its politics but like i said a certain team member of mine has found my blog. And i love my job.

Anyway i have finished my vent and life is still beautiful, no matter! I stand to be corrected but i'll rather get it all out of my chest and move on than pretend to be civil and be unhappy, cant work effectively that way and yes I CAME HERE TO WORK!!!!! I still love my job, co-workers, team members and bosses.

All right folks... i rest my case.


princesa said...

Easy babe,Good you vented it all out.

anonymous gal said...

glad u unleashwed the dragon in u. its a dragon love not a lion i know that 4 a fact.

Jaycee said...

Hey dearie...at least you got to vent here. Talking about stuff helps. I'm pretty sure u feel better now.

"Suffer it to be so for now..." :)

Afrobabe said...

Lmao..you came and found a smaller table???
You should have done more than vent but then…life is good!!!