Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The determined me

Hey Blogsville,

A place to talk and people listen.... I'm sure i have gone on and on, here and in real life on how my arms are fat, my tummy is fatter and blah blah blah............

Ok i went to a party this past weekend (my weekend was good for me cos i finally ventured out to make/ visit my new friends), and some people just started to scream that i was getting rounder and all. I never exactly thought so before now because my clothes still fit and i have been feeling as wonderful as usual.

Ok once again i am on a mission - this time not diet o. Life style plan/ life style change, and its day 3. My tummy has gone down already. I caught DH seriously looking at me (all them stolen glances). and people at work have started to notice.

This time am determined cos:

Am doing it for me.

Am eating healthy and nice food, i dont feel deprived;

And i must fit into my size 12 clothes again ... yes i still have them.

Ok my dear Blog fam i know i can be a bore but will keep u updated on this one.

Here is a tip for fresh/ revitalised facial skin.

Body shop Vitamin C skin Boost. It's great trust me............... not marketing o, just looking out for u guys. (Orders Orders!!! winks).

Have a great week for the rest of the week.


The Life of a Stranger called me said...
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The Life of a Stranger called me said...

aKel, u r a jocker. Im glad Its working for you, cause I too Im working on looking buff. Have evn started changing my hairstyle as regular as poss as u adviced. Im proud of u. DH and stollen glances, U know he already thinks u r hot.. wink wink..

pamela said...


body shop you say.

Nyemoni said...

Can I order now please.......?

princesa said...

This be real ibo woman o! See as you like business,lol!

Okay so tell me more on the miracle of that body shop product, maybe i'll order,lol!

Lifestyle change...hmmm cool!

30+ said...

Oya what is the diet secret na

Afrobabe said...

They better work else I am taking a print of this post to court!!!

Servidores said...

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Anonymous said...

akel called wonder is pregnant.. Lets all thank God on her behalf. I wonder why she no longer updates her blog!! tell us it's not true.