Monday, February 18, 2008

The Body Shop

The Body Shop is a global retailer of personal care products. The company is committed to product and retail innovation and excellence as well as the pursuit of positive social and environmental change. The core values of The Body Shop are:

Against Animal Testing
Activate Self Esteem
Strengthen Our Community
Protect Our Planet
Defend Human Rights

Am looking into becoming a consultant. I know some of you bloggers already know about body shop. I will be taking orders for now and hopefully go for the training as soon as i have an opportunity to go to the UK.

Bring ur orders on friends..... am in LAGOS! I wish myself luck, and no i havent given up my bag business, i just havent got any new ones yet.

All in a bid to find more me time.

Have a great week folks.

I will be putting up more body shop info from time to time. wish me luck.


pamela said...

I want to say Good Luck. You will have some competition - avon products, Mary Kay.....

But,I wish you a lot of success.

Jaycee said...

Wishing u success too in this new endeavour...

For the love of me said...

All the best. And to add to the competition Pamela mentioned, there's clarins but the Nigerian market is large enough for a thousand prducts as long as you know your stuff. Cheers

Mommy said...

Havn't been here of recent. How are things with you? Happy New Year, Valentine's Day and all in

Body Shop ehn...ok I'm in.

Success ok!

Nyemoni said...

Ok I'm soooo in! When are you starting so I can place my orderssssss? Good luck!