Monday, April 14, 2008

And am so Back

Hey bloggers

Long time no hear, write read etc.

Annon. lol you got me writing. And no not pregnant yet, but yep so much other stuff has happened. Thanks. I have now put that aspect of my life in Gods hands. Cos i have learnt that there are so many other aspects apart from looking for a child. Theres family, there's career, there's the fufilment from doing good, helping others. So letting other areas die while pursuing one area is wrong. So lets say am enjoying my now, until my little tots come.

I am right now at a high point in my life. I got tired of blogging cos i was fed up of complaining. I hated to only write negative stuff so as my peps would say i took a hiatus, but am back now. And with so much energy you wont believe it.

Ok here are the happenings so far;

- Yours trully can now DRIVE... Yes DRIVE!

- Yours trully has gotten another new job! this time i am home.i am loving it and its just as challening as i wanted. So no more confusion, no more bag selling (but wen am on holiday i can still buy for my peps, as an ibo chic lol). Anyway Its the job i wanted 5 years ago, but it has come for my now and am thankful to my God. So more job hunting, no more complaining. Financial freedom et all.......... yay!(hint, its one of the magic circle law firm's in Lagos).

- Yours trully is maintenaing her healthy life style . You dont want to know what went down this weekend, i will blog about it soon. Just remind me of Makis and i will give u guys the gist.

Yours trully has won the battle of the tonuge.........

Ok thats all i can think of for now.

But in all i am so greatful to God, cos he constantly reminds me that i am moving forward.

He is teaching me to be patient and in His time he is making all beautiful.

I missed you guys, how's everyone, am rushing to do some blogs rounds so i can get back into work. YES i can finally say I LOVE MY JOB! (Sis beee finally!)



Jaycee said...

Congratulationsssssssss on ur new job. Woah, I'm sure 5 years ago u never thought you would have gotten the same job you wanted at that time (5 yrs later). It's funny,when we're in the midst of a difficulty, sometimes we can't see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Like ur new energy o! Lol.

30+ said...

Welcome back o.

True word Jaycee, time does put things in perspective.

Very encouraging and I am happy for you.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Wow, I go away for months and this is what happens. We praise God. I am trully amazed with the list you have given us. God is trully at work in our lives. He is so very very faithful. I am trully glad. Really, I am.

God has indeed brought us so far, this year trully is like none other.

God rocks, and we are rocking too. Miss you too babe. Life is beautiful.

Today's ranting said...

Congrats to you and welcome.