Monday, November 26, 2007


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I was gradually becoming a complaining/nagging woman, God has started to change me, it was so good to be tagged by daddys girl, because its a confirmation that i have so much to be grateful for

I am Thankful for being alive, God on so many occasions i as a human have felt like the only way out would be death, he has kept me,i am so great ful for the gift of life. I have had my illnesses and sicknesses but He has kept me.

I am thankful for my wonderful family- should i say families now. He has blessed me with the best father ever, a supportive mother,A almost perfect husband, great and wonderful siblings, A good and God fearing mother in law, nice in laws.

I am thankful for my neighbours - we are not the best of friends, but we all live in peace at all times. In fact just thanking God for them has made me realise i need to bless them somehow.

I am thankful for my career - i complain so much about how i want a job and money and all, i just keep complaining, but looking back now, the Lord has been faithful, am sure he started this work, cos through it all He has keep me focused and determined. I am so thankful for the fact that he started me off from the very bottom, in the last few years i have watched my self only go higher. He is able and i am thankful for this. I was fighting myself(note myself) in my office that i am leaving today, but i have come to realise that i have been here at this time for a purpose and i am thankful for this.

I am thankful for my home, a roof over my head, a shelter away from the troubles of this world.

I am thankful for my friends, old, new, walked, previous and future - i have been telling anyone that wants to listen, how i don't have friends and how i want a good friend, i can be myself with, encourage, mess around with and just generally be there for. I have been crying about the ones i lost, the ones i miss etc. But i want to thank God now for the people around me, i thank God that in little ways i am able to be a blessing to each and every one of them, i pray he continues to teach me to love unconditionally expecting nothing in return. I am thankful for a certain person i have known for a few years, yet it seems like i have known her all my life. We have our fights and make up, not so near each other yet our friendship has blossomed, she has been like no friend i have ever had, so close that i cannot exactly call her friend. I thank God, for the kind of spark and grace she carries with her, and though sometimes she wants more, i am thankful because her future is settled.

I am also thankful for my new discovery!! JOYCE MEYER!!!!!!

For everything i say Thank You lord, continue to keep a word of praise on my lips, continue to make me a blessing. Strengthen me in your word Lord, Please continue to hide me under the shadow of your wings.


I am tagging Sisbee, Mrs Somebody and Nyemoni 9Don't know how to put the links, sorry).


Ugo Daniels said...

families and neighbours are beauties to be thankful for. Cheers!!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

This month / thanks giving chain has really made me think deep and find reasond whether negative to give GOD all the praise. And because the shout of praise is on my lips, I feel revived and its as if everything has

God is indeed a wonder and I thank Him so much for who He has been in my life and how much He has refused to let me be sifted.

I too thank God for your life and the lessons that we have shared and learn't together. I thank God for the woman you have become and the Great and mighty woman He is shaping you to be. That woman that will impact the lives of the law sector. Your career is settled, your fantastic home is forever at peace and your husband will love and cherrish you all the day of your life.

Continue shinning and highly favoured. Always.

Nyemoni said...

How sweet! Nice one babes....the LOASCM has siad it all so there! God bless you!

princesa said...

Am thankful to God for you a kel!

Sisbee said...