Friday, July 25, 2008

And the beat goes on

Happenings my good people...

Yesterday DH got himself a car. Am delighted, God has continued to push us up. These days am finding pleasure in the simplest things of life. He also got promoted and has been put on a development plan that would involve so much jetting around ( doubt i am excited about the jetting around part).

I am still in my job, not going anywhere, Everyone thinks its a joke.

And my birthday was good, i had the most amazing time. And got a lovely present.

I recently regained contact with one of my buddies from way back, and its just been amazing sharing our testimoneies and just chatting. We're hooking up in 2 weeks when she would be passing through Lagos, am indeed excited.

My lil sis is back in Lagos, got redeployed from Sokoto praise God (as in i have company at home).

I lost my dear cousin, i dont know why it had to be so soon, but God knows best and we'd go for the burial soon.It was a sad time, but as they say time is indeed a great healer.

Nothing yet on the baby scene but i have as advised removed it from my mind and i trust soon it'd happen.

One of my dearest people, who i suspect i offended is getting married soon, am delighted.

And i have successfully been living a healthy lifestyle, eating right and exercising right. Driniking my 8 glasses of water everyday.

What else, hope am not boring.

God has been faithful, still is and always will be... i have so much to be thankful for.


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Hey Congrats to DH, Im ao happy and proud of him. You do know that he now obtains favour from the Lord because He has you as His wife. I'm proud of you guys. Our God is a God of order, so everything else has its place. There is a season for evrything, right?.

Keep being expectant and pray to God for the kind of children you want, lovers of God and not of the world.. e..t.c.. do like hannah did, Im doing the I dont want a child that will be dealing with me or loving the might as well keep that one wherever they are, only give us, children that will do exploits for His kingdom. Anyways, thats me for today. Have a blessed weekend.


Afrobabe said...

Not boring at all lol...congrats on your hubby's job...I am counting the extra shopping money for u...

As for kids, sweetie, they will come in God's time, relax and have fun...

30+ said...

Akel, long time.

Funny I was just thinking about Isaiah 54 and how the one who has no child yet is suppose to enlarge her tent. I was thinking of literarily enlarging my abode in some sorts (even though I am not even married talk less of kids). Anyway I was thinking that is the way God works, most times God's thinking is strangely different from ours *permit my use of words*.

Congrats to DH, condolences on the cousin.

It is well (famous last words)